Super Small Radius Omni-Grid®

The Tightest Turn Radius (0.8:1) Conveyor Belt for Spiral and Turn Curve Applications. Smallest System Footprint.

With an inside turn radius equal to 0.8 times the belt width, Super Small Radius Omni-Grid has the industry's smallest turn radius for spiral and turn curve applications. Super Small Radius Omni-Grid maximizes utilization of available floor space and can turn either left or right, pivoting about a center link.

All Omni-Grid Family components are precision crafted from premium quality stainless steel to exacting standards. The finish is smooth and burr-free for quick and easy cleaning, maximizing production. Super Small Radius Omni-Grid is constructed with two product lanes divided by a center row of heavy duty links. Designed as a 1" pitch stainless steel belt, it is available in widths of up to 48" for high capacity throughput.

Primarily used in the food processing industry for freezing, cooling, and proofing, Super Small Radius Omni-Grid stainless steel belts can be manufactured with optional Omni-Tough wire mesh overlay (various mesh options available). Omni-Tough provides a significant improvement over conventional wire overlays by offering increased product support. High tensile strength steel construction also offers superior resistance to impact damage and deformation due to product sticking and freezing.

Special Spirals (patented), used as guard edges, lane dividers and flights, can be added to any Omni-Tough overlay at the time of fabrication. These formed wire spirals are economical and efficient in operation, performing better than stamped metal partitions in most applications.

Typically, initial wear and elongation (break-in) of a new metal conveyor belt is rapid, reducing the belt's life span and requiring maintenance work to shorten the belt. To minimize these problems, Ashworth belting engineers designed the patented Wear Resistant Link, standard on all Omni-Grid belts. The unique "coining" feature on the Wear Resistant Link reduces elongation by nearly 50%. The coining feature also prevents the initial break-in wear between the rod and the link, reducing belt maintenance requirements and increasing belt life. The increased life of your new metal belt can be dedicated to conveying your product!Product ApplicationsSpiral Freezer BeltSpiral Cooler BeltSpiral Proofer BeltSpiral Cooker Belt

Product Applications

  • Spiral Freezer Belt

  • Spiral Cooler Belt

  • Spiral Proofer Belt

  • Spiral Cooker Belt

We recently replaced our Super Small Radius Omni-Grid® belt on our spiral cooker after many years of successful operation. Ashworth’s local Technical Account Manager worked with us to develop the scope of our system refurbishment project which included the installation of a new belt and drive components by Ashworth’s Factory Service team. Their team did an amazing job in completing all aspects of this project within our specied time table. Over the years we have relied on Ashworth’s engineering and customer service support to ensure that the performance of our spiral cooker meets our daily production demands.
— R. Blake Christy, Senior Vice President, Buona Vita, Inc. Bridgeton, NJ