The SmartSpiral Monitoring System

The SmartSpiral Monitoring System from Ashworth Bros., Inc., is an innovative application that provides real-time remote monitoring of multiple spirals at different locations. Downtime in manufacturing wreaks havoc on production standards. It’s estimated that almost every factory experiences as much as a 20% loss due to downtime, adding up to thousands of dollars in revenue loss.

Food processing companies rely on the SmartSpiral Monitoring System to plan and prioritize maintenance costs, identify performance issues, prevent failures, and reduce repair costs. SmartSpiral’s easy-to-use technology makes production management easier and can be accessed via computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

By alerting plant engineers and managers with notifications regarding potential system failures, SmartSpiral ensures peace of mind by predicting problems before they occur. Alarm notifications include identification of potential fault, the date and time that an issue was detected, and the location of the facility.



SmartSpiral at a Glance

  • Real-time spiral performance data anytime, anywhere

  • Continuous monitoring of spiral temperature, belt tension, cage power and motor power with expandability for 3 more sensors

  • Features the industry’s first patented bottom bearing wear sensor

  • Secure stand-alone monitoring, independent of plant’s network

  • Access to multiple spirals and plant locations from one screen

  • Easy-to-see user alerts and system feedback


The SmartSpiral Advantage

  • Increased production efficiency

  • Identifies performance issues

  • Predictive vs. preventative monitoring

  • Reduces maintenance costs

  • Prevents system failures

  • Minimizes downtime

  • Extends equipment life


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