Small Radius Omni-Flex®

1.0:1 Turn Ratio. Small Radius Omni-Flex® conveyor belts can negotiate a much tighter turn than regular Omni-Flex belts. 

In general, the inside radius can be equal to the belt width, making Small Radius Omni-Flex ideal for use in applications where floor space is limited. Small Radius Omni-Flex can turn either left or right (only), pivoting about a center link.


All Omni-Flex components are precision crafted from premium quality stainless steel to exacting standards. The finish is smooth and burr-free for easy clean-up and excellent sanitary and hygienic properties. Small Radius Omni-Flex is constructed with two flat wire product carrying surfaces divided by two rows of reinforcing bar links assembled at the center of the belt to carry tension.

The flat wire mesh of Small Radius Omni-Flex is available in two popular mesh configurations. A double row of bar links may be added to the inside edge of the belt. Fatigue resistant pickets are available on all Small Radius Omni-Flex belts and increase belt service life by about 30%. Other accessories such as guard edge plates, lane dividers and custom attachments are available for special needs.Product ApplicationsSpiral Freezer BeltSpiral Cooler BeltSpiral Proofer BeltSpiral Cooker Belt

Product Applications

  • Spiral Freezer Belt

  • Spiral Cooler Belt

  • Spiral Proofer Belt

  • Spiral Cooker Belt