PosiDrive Spiral®

The positive drive concept of the PosiDrive Spiral® keeps belt tensions low which helps increase belt life and allows for increased product load capacity. The PosiDrive Spiral system from Ashworth allows product dwell time to be easily set using a simplified single speed control and is offered for various cage configurations, making it an ideal solution for new spiral systems.

The PosiDrive Spiral requires only minor design changes making it ideal for retrofitting existing proofing, cooling, and freezing spiral applications.

As the industry pioneer and leading conveyor belt manufacturer, Ashworth designed the PosiDrive Spiral to reduce product movement and eliminate high belt tension caused by oily products. PosiDrive Spiral is a reliable, durable solution with user-friendly controls to ensure product alignment and positioning for downstream processing.

Precise Product Orientation

The PosiDrive Spiral’s® cage engagement prevents product movement which eliminates product disorientation that impacts downstream processes. The PosiDrive Spiral also maintains consistent belt tensions between sanitation cycles.

Increased Production Capacity 

The positive drive concept of the PosiDrive Spiral® keeps belt tensions very low allowing for increase product load capacity

Simplified System Controls

Fine-tuning of product dwell time can be easily achieved because the PosiDrive Spiral® has one single speed control.  

Ideal for Retrofitting Existing Spirals 

The Ashworth PosiDrive Spiral® is ideal for retrofitting existing proofing, cooling, freezing, and cooking spiral applications. Our Factory Service team of spiral experts can provide you with information on how to retrofit your current system. To learn more, please contact your Ashworth Account Manager or Customer Service Representative.

At a Glance

  • Cage engagement prevents product movement and disorientation

  • A perfect solution for oily products

  • Designed for processing both heavy and lightweight foods

  • Ideal for retrofitting existing proofing, cooling, and freezing spiral applications

Features Include

  • Engineered inside belt edge designed to securely engage ribbed cage

  • Simple to use, easy to adjust single point speed control system

  • Steel welded legs that reduce flexibility in the belt

  • Self-synchronizing drive eliminates flip-ups

  • Easily retrofittable options to minimize conversion downtime

  • Factory service support available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


  • Ambient Coolers

  • Forced Air Coolers

  • Pasteurizers

  • Water Coolers

  • Proofers

  • Freezers

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