Posidrive Grid

PosiDrive Spiral™ is an alternative to Lotension drive systems. PosiDrive Spiral™ features a stainless steel grid belt with driving tabs on the inside edge. The tabs engage and are driven by vertical ribs on the spiral center drum.  PosiDrive Spiral™ is recommended particularly for applications where product movement is a problem, or where oils or other product characteristics cause operational issues with Lotension drive systems. The PosiDrive Spiral™ system is suitable for new or existing spiral conveyors. 

Posidrive Grid 100


Available Options:


  • These links have a raised top on the leg adjacent to the conveying surface; the raised top, or guard edge, prevents product slide from the conveying surface.

  • Upper edge and lower edge retain #1 round edge for smooth travel over plastic wear strip.

  • Offers improved cleanup and sanitation over guard edge plates.

  • Available in 1 inch [25 mm] height above the belt surface.

  • Available on outside edge only.

  • Longitudinal spacing (every pitch, every other pitch, etc.) must be specified.

  • Direction of turn (clockwise or counterclockwise) must be specified.


  • Available in Omni-Tough® only.

  • Available in 16 ga. and 17 ga. only.

  • One or more spirals on conveying surface are raised.

  • Used as guard edges, lane dividers and flights.­

  • Maximum height 1 inch [25.4 mm].

  • Available Options: height, spacing, location, shape, and number of lanes in belt.