The Evolutionary Stainless Steel Spiral Conveyor Belt. Combining High Tension Ratings with Maximum Service Life. 

Patented heavy duty protective links combined with oversized stainless steel rods make Omni-Pro the strongest, most reliable spiral and turn curve conveyor belt available on the market today. Omni-Pro is also especially hygienic, due to its open all-steel construction and its unique 360° welds. Providing a combination of benefits unmatched by the competition, Omni-Pro is the definitive high performance stainless steel spiral conveyor belt!


Omni-Pro's patented protrusion leg design prevents the belt's welds from coming into contact with spiral cage bars. This results in a smoother running conveyor belt with much less cage bar wear.

The protrusion leg also supports Ashworth's exclusive 360°, rod-to-link, "zero tension" weld. Employing robotic welders, Ashworth completely melts and fuses the rod's end into the link. Compared to a standard weld, this construction relieves tension within the weld. This strengthens the belt and extends its service life, preventing weld failure and unexpected downtime. Omni-Pro's zero-tension weld is smooth and free from surface imperfections and crevices, eliminating bacteria entrapment areas.


Omni-Pro can be equipped with reduced radius links on both sides of the belt. With these optional links, the belt remains flippable for the longest possible service life, while achieving turn ratios as low as 1.6:1.


Omni-Pro features a low profile design that will retrofit practically any system. It's carefully selected 1.2" pitch provides a balance of low belt weight and high strength. Heavy duty, 6 mm rods provide Omni-Pro with superior beam strength, enabling it to carry heavy loads without sagging.


The 3/4-inch pitch Small Radius Omni-Pro® Belt to extends the Omni-Pro® line of spiral/turn-curve conveyor belts. The 3/4-inch pitch Small Radius Omni-Pro® retains the same design features that allow the belt to minimize cage bar wear, maintenance costs and downtime in your most demanding high-tension spiral applications. The Small Radius Omni-Pro® withstands spiral/turncurve tensions of 150 pounds (68 kg) for 100,000 cycles vs. competing belts that rate for 50,000 cycles. Turn ratios range from 1.0 to 2.0 and belt widths are available in even widths from 12 to 48 inches for turn curve and spiral applications.

Product Applications

  • Spiral Freezer Belt

  • Spiral Cooler Belt

  • Spiral Proofer Belt

  • Spiral Cooker Belt

  • Turn Curve Transfer Belt (Can incorporate turns and straight runs)

  • Industrial Products Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt

  • Food Industry

Ashworth’s expertise in producing quality belts and providing excellent engineering support is why we use their Omni-Pro® belts on our spiral coolers and spiral freezers. Ashworth’s Omni-Pro® belt is durable and provides reliable performance which ensures great product throughput while minimizing downtime and maintenance cost. Ashworth’s team provides excellent technical support services design to help us extend the life of our spiral belts.
— Tony Corica, Project Manager, ARYZTA, LLC, Sweedsboro, NJ
Prior to installing the Omni-Pro belt we had to go into our freezer 3 or 4 times per shift to work on the system. Since installing Omni-Pro, we turn the system on at the beginning of the shift and off at the end. The belt has run problem free for over a year.
— Michael Omahne, Owner, W.P.P Dough Company, Johnstown, PA