Omni-Grid® 360 Weld

Omni-Grid® 360 Weld is offered with a minimum turn ratio of 1.6 times the belt width with available short slotted links for larger turn ratios, make it an easy retrofit to existing systems.

Omni-Grid® 360 Weld 150


Available Options: 

Omni-Tough Mesh Overlay

Omni-Tough® is a stainless steel, spring wire, spiral overlay available in 16 and 17 wire gauges. It is 2-1/2 times stronger and more damage-resistant than conventional wire overlays. Omni-Tough® provides a flatter surface than standard overlays and is also more resistant to product sticking in freezer applications.


Integral Guard Edges

Integral Guard Edges are available for Omni-Pro® 100/120/150 and are more durable and easier to clean than modular guard edges




Variable Loop Count Overlay (Patented)

Overlay which has varied loop spacing across the width of the belt allows the loops to get progressively closer together as the spiral goes from the inside of the belt to the outside of the belt (inside and outside in respect to a turn).


Special Spirals (Patented)

  • Available in Omni-Tough® overlay only

  • One or more spirals on conveying surface are raised

  • Used as lane dividers or flights

  • Maximum height is equal to belt pitch

  • Available options: height, spacing, location, shape, and number of lanes in belt