Hygiene Built-In 



Ashworth understands the challenges you face to ensure product safety. As your partner in manufacturing, we realize our belts play a pivotal role in helping you deliver safe and healthy products to your customers from beginning to end.

At Ashworth, we “build-in hygiene”. Our belts are engineered to meet a strict hygienic design criterion. Our patented coining process ensures a corrosion-resistant, mechanically smooth, and stable belt that’s easy-to-clean, offers added strength, reduces wear, and increases belt-life. Our goal is to eliminate areas where bacteria can grow, making overall food processing safer and more efficient. 

Ease-of-cleaning and sanitizing belts to NSF standards has always been paramount to us and is the foundation of our engineering design promise. We manufacture our stainless-steel conveyor belts using materials with precise specifications, advanced manufacturing equipment, and a proprietary continuous wash process. Once the belts complete the wash process, they are thoroughly dried and wrapped in plastic for added protection during transit in a custom crate.

If you’re looking for a material finish which is beyond our standard cleaning method; ask one of our customer service representatives about our “Diamond Brite” cleaning option. Call 1-800-682-4594 for more information.


ExactaStack® for self-stacking spiral freezers, is an affordable solution for standard and wide belt stackers. It’s available in all widths, tier heights, and mesh configurations for both spliced-in sections and complete belt replacements, with no system drive modifications required.


ExactaStack XE® is Ashworth’s solution for companies that need replacement belting to fit an “extra-wide belt” self- stacking system. ExactaStack XE is a quarter-inch wider than our standard belt. Ashworth offers turnkey installation of ExactaStack XE to help companies keep their business moving forward.


Omni-Grid® 360 Weld is offered with a minimum turn ratio of 1.6 times the belt width with available short slotted links for larger turn ratios, make it an easy retrofit to existing systems.

Check out these helpful cleaning guidelines: