Ashworth OGBL Conveyor Belting is the Versatile, Quality Line of Steel Eye Link Belts.

Ashworth OGBL and OGBL Plus are straight running, positively driven, quality eye link belts for either industrial or food processing applications. Available in an exceptionally wide array of materials, wire diameters, surface treatments and accessories, these versatile steel conveyor belts can be designed and manufactured to satisfy the most demanding of applications.

Unlike most competitive eye link belts, Ashworth OGBL belts are made with two "localization" wires. These serve not only to provide additional product support but add extra stability and prevent module distortion within the belt. Accordingly, OGBL belts are naturally straight running and provide an extremely flat surface, promoting smooth and easy product conveyance across the entire width of the belt. OGBL Plus is our extra strong, USDA-approved eye link belt, with available tension ratings of up to 260 lbs per link row.

While OGBL and OGBL Plus belts can be made in some comparatively closed configurations to provide excellent small product support, they can also be configured into some of the most open designs available. Our "U.S. Design" variant features alternating rows of eye links that are fully separated from one another for the easiest possible cleaning. As a result, OGBL conveyor belts are great for use in applications demanding high air flow coupled with high sanitary requirements, as in freezing poultry products. And with their high tension ratings, they are also the belt of choice for bottling pasteurizing applications.

Product Applications

  • Cooker Belts

  • Tunnel Freezer Conveyor Belts

  • Cooling Belts

  • Drying and Drainage Belts

  • Pasteurizer Belts

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Technical Bulletins:

Eye-Link Technical Bulletin

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