ExactaStack® Standard Belt


Available Options:

Wire Mesh Overlays

Mesh is specified using the standard designation for existing systems, X-Y-Z, as shown.

Standard mesh overlay for ExactaStack™ WD is a right-hand wind, unilateral weave (see illustration) comprised of two mating spirals. The first terminates with round pigtails on the leading side of the spiral. The second terminates with oval pigtails on the trailing side of the spiral and has one less loop across the width of the belt such that the oval pigtails are nested within the round pigtails on the adjacent spiral. The pigtails of both spirals are installed on the connecting rod joining the links. Tension links are installed between the links and spirals on both sides of the belt.

Special Wire Mesh Overlays

Typically, special mesh configurations can be made to match existing belts with nonstandard mesh overlay. Please consult Ashworth engineering