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The information contained in this Website is provided only as an aid and service to our customers. Ashworth does not warrant the accuracy or applicability of such information. Ashworth is specifically not responsible for property damage and/or personal injury, direct or indirect for damages and/or failures caused by improper machine design, application, installation, operation, abuse and/or misuse of its products whether or not based on information contained herein. Ashworth does not warrant that the design and/or operational function of any machine that incorporates, and/or intends to incorporate Ashworth products, conforms to any local, state, and/or federal regulations and standards relating to public safety, worker safety, safety guards, sanitation safety, fire safety, or any other safety regulations. ALL PURCHASERS AND USERS SHOULD CONSULT THEIR APPROPRIATE LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL REGULATIONS AND STANDARDS.

Ashworth's hybrid belting and plastic belting are made of plastic and are flammable. If exposed to open flame or to temperatures above Ashworth's specifications, these products will burn or melt and may emit dangerous and toxic fumes. Do not expose Ashworth conveyor belting to extreme temperatures or open flame. Flame retardant belt products are available in some belt types. Contact Ashworth for further information.

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