Belt and Sprocket System

Working Together to Deliver the Industry’s Tightest Transfer

Ashworth’s Cleatrac® belt and sprocket system is the perfect food processing solution to accurately transfer even small products, minimize product damage, and keep your manufacturing process up and running. As the industry’s only supplier of customized conical-toothed sprockets that are perfectly matched with Cleatrac belt, Cleatrac belt and sprocket systems have a proven track record in delivering the perfect pairing. 

An efficient, cost-effective solution, Cleatrac Belt & Sprockets Systems are guaranteed by Ashworth to deliver positive sprocket engagement to ensure precise product conveyance throughout the processing cycle. Cleatrac belts and sprockets are also compatible with the smallest nose bar diameters in the industry, all the way down to one-fifth of an inch (5.1 millimeters).

Cleatrac® Belt & Sprocket System at a Glance

Minimize Product Damage

  • Guaranteed positive sprocket engagement ensures precise product conveyance

  • The tightest product transfer solution in the industry

  • Compatible with the industries smallest diameter nose bars

  • Sprockets designed with conical shaped teeth have no sharp points that can damage spiral wires 

  • Available in various mesh configurations for precise product support and airflow for a wide range of applications

Reduce Operating Costs

  • Less expensive than chain-edge construction systems

  • Engineered to deliver longer belt life than pin roll drives

  • More durable and less prone to fatigue failure than single-plane wire designs

  • Constructed with an easy-to-clean open balanced weave design

On Demand Availability

  • Standard widths are in stock and ready for quick shipment

  • Available complete with sprockets, support bearings, and filler rolls

The Sprocket is Equally as Important as the Belt!

Manufactured in either UHMW polyethylene or T303 stainless steel, Cleatrac uses the perfect sprockets to positively drive mesh belting. Sprockets are available in a variety of sizes but special size sprockets may be manufactured to meet a customer’s needs. 

Positive drive provides true belt travel and minimum terminal diameters allow close transfer of product onto and off belt. Sprockets are bored oversize to allow lateral movement on the shaft compensating for changes in belt width due to temperature.