Ashworth Controls

Ashworth Controls Preserve True Tracking Qualities of Ashworth Friction Driven Belts. 

Simple in concept, Ashworth controls out-perform the dynamic/shifting roll types of controls in the area most important to the production supervisor-getting the product on and off the conveyor belt in true alignment. Very few conveyor belts get to run on perfect or near perfect conveyors, or under constant conditions. Ashworth controls (Model Nos. 1 & 2) work with friction-driven metal belts to preserve the true tracking nature of the belts during changing conditions or production mishaps.


Ashworth recommends our Model No. 1 Controls for most applications. This system includes a base frame and three horizontal rolls and four vertical rolls on each belt edge. By nature of the horizontal rolls, Model No. 1 provides the most positive influence for all types of woven wire mesh belts. Model No. 2 Controls contain the same critical vertical rolls, but it has no horizontal rolls and it bolts directly onto the conveyor frame. Both sets of controls are available in a choice of either steel bearings, or even longer lasting Zero Wear carbide steel bearings.

Ashworth Controls are a crucial element in the Ashworth Triad-your express guarantee of exceptional CB5 Baking Band or Ashworth Woven Wire Mesh Belt performance and unmatched installation service. Put very simply, Ashworth guarantees the tracking performance of its Baking Bands and Woven Wire Mesh Belts when they are purchased together with Ashworth Controls and Ashworth Supervised Installation of the woven wire conveyor belt. For further details, contact Ashworth.

Product Applications

  • Oven Belts

  • Tunnel Oven Belts

  • Cooker Belts

  • Fryer Belts

  • Other Friction Drive Conveyor Belt Applications

Control Systems


Available Options

Ashworth Controls are available with customer specified carbon steel or carbide Zero Wear (ZW) bearings. The featured merits of each type are listed below.

Carbon Steel

  • For temperatures of up to 350°F (177°C)

  • Working environment should be non-corrosive

  • Requires regular lubrication

Carbide ZW

  • For temperatures of up to 1000°F (538°C)

  • Belt sustains minimal wear at elevated temperatures

  • Does not require lubrication

  • Manufactured from very hard material and can shatter if subjected to a sharp blow