Advantage RL 75

Eliminates Costly, Time-Consuming and Unsanitary Weld Repairs for Cooling, Freezing and Proofing Applications.

With its short 0.75" pitch, the Advantage RL 75 hybrid conveyor belt is specifically designed to convey small products in spiral proofing, cooling and freezing applications. It is also the belt of choice for use in small product, turn curve transfer applications. The Advantage RL 75 comes standard as a rod only belt, but it can also be equipped with a wide variety of Omni-Tough® steel mesh overlays for even smaller product conveying.


The Advantage line is also BISSC Certified and Third Party Verified under BISSC standard ANSI/BISSC/Z50.2-2003, Section 4.7, Design Requirements for Conveyors. Compliance to this standard is the commercial baker's guarantee that his bakery equipment was carefully designed to be easily and effectively cleaned, thereby promoting food safety and sanitation.

Like all Ashworth Advantage spiral conveyor belts, the RL 75 is of hybrid construction, utilizing stainless steel rods and acetal links. Acetal is FDA-approved for use in food processing applications and is an extremely hard plastic having high tensile strength. This provides the belt with high load carrying capacity and extends its service life.

The Advantage's stainless steel rods provided additional beam strength compared to plastic rods, enabling the belt to convey heavy products without bowing. And unlike plastic rods, stainless steel rods never "cam-shaft", causing the rods to be difficult to remove when the time finally comes to make a repair.

Thanks to its acetal links, the Advantage RL 75 is designed to run in spiral conveyors equipped with or without UHMWPE cage bar caps. For spirals configured without caps, this means less maintenance and down time is spent in replacement operations. The Advantage links also contain Ashworth's patented rod-locking system, which enables quick and easy repairs with no tools! Welding is never required and there are no clips or fasteners to get lost or to contaminate production.


Compared to most competitive metal conveyor belts, the Advantage RL runs smoother with no vibration, promoting longer equipment life and minimal wear. The belt is also extremely quiet in operation, which has been shown to encourage increased productivity.

Product Applications

  • Spiral Freezer Belt

  • Spiral Cooler Belt

  • Spiral Proofer Belt

  • Spiral Cooker Belt

Technical Bulletins: 

Advantage RL 75 Technical Bulletin

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Fire Safety Warning for Plastic Belts

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