The advantage in spiral & turn curve conveyor belting. 

The ADVANTAGE SPIRAL & TURN CURVE CONVEYOR BELT is NSF Certified, USDA Accepted, BISSC Certified, EU 10/2011 Certified, and Third Party Verified Spiral Belt.

The innovative design of the new Advantage hybrid conveyor belts combines acetal links and modules with rigid stainless steel rods, making the Advantage 120 and 200 ideal for use in food processing applications where product release and sanitation is critical. The unique design facilitates an exceptionally large open area without compromising belt rigidity and strength. The Advantage spiral belts are designed for freezing and cooling applications and have truly superior sanitation characteristics due to the open module design and double slotted links.

  • Fully-slotted means clean

  • Tested & Certified to NSF/3-A/ANSI 14159-3 & EU 10/2011

  • Highest tension ratings & beam strength

  • Greatest open area & least pressure drop

  • No black specks--guaranteed

  • Superior product handling, easy installation & repair


The Advantage™ 120 and 200 are NSF Certified to NSF/3-A/ANSI 14159-3 & EU 10/2011 hygiene requirements for the design of mechanical belt conveyors used in meat and poultry processing.

The Advantage line is EU 10/2011 tested and certified. Regulation (EU) 10/2011 sets out safety requirements for plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. This regulation is a specific measure for plastic Food Contact Materials (FCMs) as mentioned in the European Framework Regulation (EU) 1935/2004. Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 requires that all FCMs and articles (manufactured, imported and sold in the EU) intended to come into contact with food, comply with the Framework Regulation.

Conventional modular plastic conveyor belt designs can trap food and cleaning solution residues in the hinge area between the rod and the module. These residues can contaminate your product and over time, aggressive cleaning solutions can weaken plastic rods.

By improving upon the competition's all-plastic belts, Ashworth developed the first and only spiral/turn-curve belt that is NSF Tested and Certified, as well as USDA Accepted for cleanability performance - the Advantage 120/200 series of belts! No other spiral belt manufacturer has achieved certification or acceptance. The competition has been tested, but only the Advantage is proven cleanable. View NSF Certificate 3G940 and NSF Certificate 3G941View Online Listing.

This rigorous standard was developed by the NSF Joint Committee on Food Processing Equipment using the consensus process described by the American National Standards Institute. The standard establishes hygiene requirements for the design of mechanical conveyor belts used in meat and poultry processing. The USDA now uses this standard as the sole basis for acceptance of conveyor belts used on poultry and meat processing facilities. 

The Advantage line is also BISSC Certified and Third Party Verified under BISSC standard ANSI/BISSC/Z50.2-2003, Section 4.7, Design Requirements for Conveyors. Compliance to this standard is the commercial baker's guarantee that his bakery equipment was carefully designed to be easily and effectively cleaned, thereby promoting food safety and sanitation. 

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